Ultra Fractal Animation Tutorials

The course explores the animation features of Ultra Fractal (UF). Use the enrollment form at the end of this page to enroll on the course.

What You Will Learn

Creating fractal animations is very different from creating images – there are a number of new challenges that make it more difficult for fractal artists to get started with this art form. This course and aims to

  • guide you through the basics of creating, previewing and rendering animations,
  • introduce various animation techniques as well as provide some new ideas to help you develop your own style of fractal animations, and
  • save you from some of the trials and errors I’ve been through while working with animations.

See the Animation Clips page for an illustration of the kind of animations that are discussed on the class.

How it Works

Ultra Fractal Animation Tutorials Class consists of 6 online tutorials containing text, uprs and images to illustrate the subject. Each lesson also contains a homework assignment to help you apply the new techniques and to illustrate you’ve understood the contents.

You’ll receive a link to the first tutorial soon after enrollment. A link to the next tutorial is provided after you’ve completed the homework for the previous one. You should have completed the course payment before proceeding beyond tutorial 3.

You can choose to either submit your homework on the course forum or send them to me via email. I’ll provide feedback as necessary to ensure you’ve learned the key concepts of the tutorials. I recommend using the forums as this allows you to see homework submitted by other students and learn from them too.


“I’m thrilled with how quickly I was creating animations in this class. Jussi made the learning curve manageable, and quickly answered questions when they arose.”

Brenda Molloy  

“I enjoyed the course thoroughly. It opened my eyes to many of the features of the UF software that I hadn’t considered before and didn’t know how to use (even though I have been creating fractal images for about 5 years).”

Pat Scott


The course difficulty is intermediate – you should be familiar with basic UF usage and have read the Working with Animations Tutorial as well as the Animation Chapter in UF documentation. However fast learners are welcome to participate on the course even with less experience with UF. You should understand English well enough to follow the tutorials.

You’ll need the Extended Edition license of Ultra Fractal 5 in order to use the animation features (Animation edition of UF 4 should also do the job but there may be some minor differences). You’ll also need to install a video encoder if you don’t have one installed – detailed instructions will be provided for installing a free encoder on the first tutorial.


Below is an outline of the contents of the course.

Tutorial 1 – Rendering Animations

  • Creating Nova Julia Relaxation Animation
  • Optimizing Animation Preview
  • About Image and Video Formats
  • Rendering Animation
  • Encoding Videos on Windows
  • Encoding Videos on Mac

Tutorial 2 – Julia Seeds, Timeline and Time Settings

  • Nova Julia and Nova Mandelbrot Sets
  • Using Switch Mode to Select Julia Seeds
  • Visualizing Julia Seed Keys
  • Using the Timeline Window
  • Repositioning Animation Keys
  • Extending Animation
  • Scaling Animation

Tutorial 3 – Animating Colors and Location

  • Animating Gradient Rotation
  • Animating Smooth Color Offset
  • Animating Location Center
  • Interpolation Modes
  • Animating Magnification

Tutorial 4 – Animating Iterations

  • Animating Iterations
  • Exponential Interpolation
  • Synchronizing Colors with Zooming

Tutorial 5 – Animation Loops

  • Animating Nova Ducky Relaxation
  • Relaxation Animation Loop
  • Rotation Animation Loop
  • Transform Animation Loop

Tutorial 6 – Zoom Loops and Motion Blur

  • Zoom Animation Loop
  • About Motion Blur
  • Adding Motion Blur with uprMash
  • Combining Animation Clips
  • Combining Animations with Music
  • Finding Free Music


The course costs €45 and you’ll receive a PayPal payment link after you’ve completed Tutorial 1. Also SEPA invoice with IBAN and BIC information is available. If the price is outside your budget, you can request a discount (please specify in the comments section of the Enrollment form).

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